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Gessoed Panels

Gessoed Plywood Panels
We offer a wide range of high-quality poplar plywood panels for professional iconography for natural and acrylic paints. Poplar panels are ideal for student work, painting practice and also for professional painting.Our panels are made of high quality poplar plywood (3/4”) which helps to avoid deformation and warping. The “gesso” contains the natural products only. We use distilled water only because the simple water contains metals, salt and other chemical elements.During the preparation process of the plywood panels we use ultra violet emission to remove all microorganisms in the plywood.
Gessoed panels, like the Gessoed boards, also goes through a long and difficult process of applying gesso: both sides are saturated with two coats of rabbit glue, a piece of linen cloth is soaked in hot glue, and then applied to the panel. The panel then goes though a long process of drying after which the gesso is applied; 8 to 10 thin individual coats of gesso are added one by one. Through this careful process, the gesso creates an extremely durable surface.
We have Gessoed Panels in many styles and 10 dimensions.
All of the Panels are manufactured in United States, and are produced with a unique recipe of natural gesso; mostly for egg tempera and acrylic uses.Every board comes with a full time warrantee and a quick delivery.