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Golden Mean Gauge [907]

Golden Mean Gauge [907]


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Golden Mean Gauge or Golden ratio,golden section,golden number,Divine proportion,Fibonacci ratio,PHI.

Use the Golden Mean Gauge to accurately calculate the Golden Mean quickly and easily. It is useful in quickly establishing the golden ratio for areas of your drawing or painting.

Sacred geometery and proportion.
In the icon with several figures, the overall composition falls naturally into geometric forms, the triangle, square and circle.
The geometric forms are reinterpreted in the Christan trdition and have symbolic meanings.
Here thesquare represents the earth( with the foue Evangelists at each corner), the triangle the Trinity, and the circle the Divine Unity.
Another symbolic proportion , the"Golden Section". Christian artists have related the proportional relationships of the Golden Section to the mystery of God.

The Golden Ratio

1.618 to 1.000
1.000 to 0.618


Design your projects like the great builders did, using the Golden Ratio of design. The Golden Ratio (known also as the Golden Mean or Golden Section), occurs throughout the natural world and was used by the ancients to create the most pleasing arrangements in architecture and design. The timeless design of the Parthenon in Athens is a wonderful example of the intrinsic beauty inherent in the use of the Golden Ratio. If you inspect a photograph of the Parthenon with the Fibonacci Gauge, you can observe the occurrence of the Golden Ratio throughout the entire range of elements in its structure. This Fibonacci Gauge is made to hold your design elements within the golden ratio of 1 to 1.618 (or, 0.618 to 1). Sized to fit into a pencil case or breast pocket, it is 7 inches long, 1/4 inch thick; and spreads from 1.5 inches to about 11 inches wide while accurately holding the golden ratio constant, with a margin of error of only plus or minus 2%.

Use the Fibonacci Gauge to hold the design elements of your projects...Length, Width, Height, Spacing, etc. in pleasing proportion with each other and the project as a whole. It's not for final dimensioning, but great for outlining the rough design of your table, cabinet, bookcase... or any piece you want to build. Start with a component of known dimension and work from that: add the other components to your sketch according to their golden proportions to the known, as indicated by the gauge. You can then, add dimensions to the sketch, using the actual math ratios (.618 to 1 or 1 to 1.618), to make a working shop drawing. But no need to sweat small fractions...round to the nearest convenient fraction or whole number to make components easy to build. The final result will be an appealing project piece with a design that all can admire.
Small Size-7"long; total spread is 9.1/2.inches
Medium Size-13" Long; total spread is 23 inches
Large Size-18"long; total spread is 33 inches

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