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Book The Golden Section [1027]

Book The Golden Section [1027]

Book The Golden Section [1027]

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A concise and useful handbook on the Golden SectionÂ--also known as the Golden Ratio and Golden Mean. The Golden Section is a line segment divided into two parts, such that the ratio of the short portion to the longer portion is equal to the ratio of the longer portion to the whole. It is one of the most elegant and beautiful ratios of the mathematical universe because of its combination of elegance and simplicityÂ--hence the divine nature of its name. Drawing on art, architecture, philosophy, nature, mathematics, geometry, and musicÂ--and beautifully illustrated in the Wooden Books fashion with all manner of imagesÂ--The Golden Section will tell the story of this remarkable construct and its wide ranging impact on civilization and the natural world.

About the Author
Dr. Olsen is one of the leading experts on the Golden Section, and an Associate
Professor of Philosophy at Central Florida Community College in Ocala, Florida.

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