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Squirrel Brush (#1) [312]

Squirrel Brush (#1) [312]

Squirrel Brush (#1) [312]

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Round Brushes Siberian Squirrel (Size 1)

Nickel Ferrule,
Birch Handle :155 mm=6"
Length of Hair Tuft: 8.0 mm = 5/16"
Diameter of Hair Tuft: 1.0 mm = 1/32"

These Siberian Squirrel Egg Tempera Brushes are handmade in Russia. Each brush is crafted from carefully selected squirrel hair, hand-tied, glued, ferrule-fitted, then glued and crimped onto birch wood handles. The cold Siberian climate produces an exceptionally strong hair, perfectly suited to the watercolorist's needs. The Siberian Squirrel hair is softer than sable, points as well, holds more liquid and is easy to control. As it releases color it looses some of its snap, so consequently it is better to use with a wet technique. Although less expensive than sable, it is considered by many to be a better brush.
The painting brushes are sized in European scale which is on one size bigger then US metric.
The European size 2 is equivalent US size 3.

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