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Set#910. 6 Sguirrel Brushes. (Russia) SALE 50% OFF

Set#910. 6 Sguirrel Brushes. (Russia) SALE 50% OFF

Price: $27.00

In stock USA

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50% OFF Sale Price: $27.00 (MLS.Price:$54.00)

Set contains 6 brushes.

Made in RUSSIA (2010)

About Squirrel Hair Brushes
Squirrel hair is extremely soft and more delicate than other hairs. They make brushes that are very absorbent and hold large amounts of paint even without a belly. In fact, the holding capacity of squirrel hair brushes, especially for water-based paints, is unsurpassed, and the hair is so fine that a brushstroke will not leave voids or hair tracks.

Squirrel hair brushes are very similar to Kolinsky brushes; they point very well and have thick bodies that large amounts of paint, but they resilient, therefore lacking the "snap" (also called "memory") or springiness of brushes made with Kolinsky hair. This lack of "snap" makes them less than ideal when painting with thick-bodied paints. However, they are ideally suited for tempera, watercolor paint as well as thinned acrylic and other water-based paint.

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