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Magnifier #1 [1012]

Magnifier #1   [1012]

Magnifier #1 [1012]

Price: $36.00

In stock USA

Product details

Magnifier, 3 in 1, black plastic, Velcro headband, dual acrylic lenses and movable loupe.
Take it easy on your eyes with a three-in-one lightweight (only 6.4 ounces!) magnifier that lets you examine the minute details of your precision work. Adjustable, Velcro headband with padded headrest for a comfortable, custom fit. Movable loupe magnifies up to 1.5x, flip lens magnifies 1.1x and fixed lens magnifies 2.2x for a combined 4.8x strength. Dual acrylic lenses contour each eye for optimal visibility. Spring-action flip lens for easy use.

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