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Magnifier #3 With Mirror.3 Lens .LED Lighted

Magnifier #3 With Mirror.3 Lens .LED Lighted

Price: $48.99

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Product details

LED Lighted Head Magnifier With Mirror And 3 Lens Combo.
Multiple Coated Acrylic Lens
Multiple Magnifications : 1.5X, 3X, 9X, 10.5X with 2 Lens & Loupes
- Fixed Lens Magnification : 1.5X
- Flip Lens Magnification : 1.5X
- Loupe Magnification : 7.5X
Lens Dimensions: 3.1/2" X 1.1/8"
Loupe Diameter : 1.1/8"
7/8" Round Mirror Attachment
2 Bright White LED Bulbs to Illuminate Viewing Fields
Adjustable Head Strap with Dial Control
Requires 6AAA Batteries ( Batteries Not Required)
Unlimited Use in Office, Home, Jewelry Making, Fine Detail Work, Watches
Colored Box Pack

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